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Published on August 13th, 2012 | by Goke Pelemo

2 – Nigerian startup raises $250,000 to bring online gaming to Africa

Sharply following another Nigerian gaming startup; Maliyo Games is Kuluya. According to TechLoy:

Based out of Lagos, Nigeria, the gaming start-up which raised $250,000 in seed funding claims to have over 100 titles with African characters and themes such as Monkey RunBush MeatAgberoOle, Point & Kill, Zulu and Mosquito. At the moment, you can play the Monkey Run game on its website, which is just a teaser of what is to come from the team. As part of its launch, Kuluya is giving away a Blackberry Curve 9360 each to the first 5 people to play and finish its Monkey Run game. The Kuluya team is backed by a syndicate of Western investors alongside mentors and looks like its going to give Maliyo Games a run for its money.

We are starting to see an excess of internet bandwidth show up in Africa as a result of the recently completed and initiated submarine cable projects. Subsequently, indigenous and foreign investors are starting to take interest in funding startups that deliver Afrocentric content and applications such as gaming and as we covered earlier; entertainment with the likes of IrokoTV. According to the image on the right, by 2014 we will be seeing a total of 90.2 terabits/second of internet capacity landing in Africa. Investors, programmers with big dreams and already established tech companies like Google are seeing this market open up and are investing resources into ensuring they are not left out when the results of this infrastructure start to show up in the next few years.

African Undersea Cables by 2014 –

To that effect, companies like IrokoTV, Maliyo, DealDey, Konga, Traclist, Kuluya etc. are starting to lay the groundwork for applications that will take advantage of this increased capacity we are beginning to see. They are beginning to access considerable funding to get their ideas off the ground with more traction. We are also seeing innovation hubs like Co-creation hub and Wennovation hub show up to incubate these startups and tee them up for success. Great work from Kuluya here and we are hoping to see more initiatives of this nature in the near future. Next we will love to see, an edge location for a major Content Delivery Network like Amazon Cloudfront, MaxCDN, Edgecast, Akamai or Rackspace show up in Africa on the network path of one of these major submarine cables. At that point, dare I say most of our connection speed woes will be solved?

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