Entertainment What is it about Nollywood? Facts and Figures.

Published on August 18th, 2012 | by Goke Pelemo


[INFOGRAPHIC] What is it about Nollywood? – Facts and Figures

Embedded below is an infographic containing a few raw and inspiring facts about Nigeria’s film industry; Nollywood. Our mission is to expose a few relevant facts that will get your wheels grinding and thinking out possibilities currently open in the industry. Some of which have already been harnessed by startups such as IrokoTV; streaming content from this industry over the internet. A few relevant links where we mined information for the graphic are below:

Wikipedia – The Cinema of Nigeria

African Business Review – Nollywood has potential

African Business Review – Nollywood bolsters Nigeria’s economy

TED Talk (2008) – Welcome to Nollywood by Franco Sacchi

 What is it about Nollywood? Facts and figures.

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